Ministry Goals / Mission Statement

To make the word of God—the Tanakh—accessible to 21st century Israelis so that they may understand the love, the promises and the covenants of God individually and as a community.

The average Israeli, in the 21st century, does not have the level of language ability in the Old Hebrew needed to fully understand the Ancient Hebrew Bible, and consequently, one is not able to grasp the will and plan of God. We believe the Tanakh is the Word of God. It needs to be accessible to every individual person and family. The best solution for the majority of Israelis who do not have the adequate understanding of biblical Hebrew is to create a new Modern Hebrew Bible. Just like the NKJV, ESV and NIV have been very successful with English in North America, we’re working towards something similar with Modern Hebrew for Israelis. Biblical literacy is the major way that the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of people. We are working toward the translation of the Tanakh into Modern Hebrew in order that all of Israel may understand the Way of the Lord.

Primary Field Workers

Paul Vermillion, Pe’er Solomon, Jennie Sullens, Harold Dove

History of Ministry

New Coverant Fellowship is a ministry founded in 2005 by Pastor Paul and Marla Vermillion, to build bridges to connect God’s love to the chosen people of God. Through the Vermillions’ work in the past years with Jewish people and Israelis, the Lord revealed to them the difficulties 21st century Israelis are facing in understanding the Ancient Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh). With deep conviction from the Lord, they started the preparation, planning, and promotion of the translation project. In 2009 they invited Pe’er Solomon to join NCF to assist in coordinating the translation project and serve as VP of the translation operations.

Ongoing Projects

Modern Hebrew Bible Translation.

Future Projects

Delivering God’s word, first to Israel, and then to the rest of the nations by providing high-valued Bible translations with supporting resources.