DSC03188What Is MEA Worldwide?

MEA Worldwide aka The Maranatha Evangelistic Association was organized in Calgary, Alberta in 1966 and provincially incorporated on April 9, 1968. MEA was born out of a compassionate need to broadcast the Gospel as well as assist missions and missionaries in their evangelistic & humanitarian efforts throughout the world.

MEA is a faith based evangelical ministry trusting to God to supply the necessary finances through the dedicated stewardship of Christian friends.

How Does MEA Operate?

The Maranatha Evangelistic Association  is a Canadian based non-profit Christian Charity with Canada Revenue Agency charitable tax status and funded by voluntary gifts.

MEA assists missionaries, churches of like precious faith and humanitarian projects around the world that share the same passion for showing and doing the Gospel and presenting the love of Christ in word and deed to needy individuals.

MEA’s assistance comes in many forms.

  • First & foremost, we lift them up in prayer regularly and provide spiritual comfort and support
  • We help raise the visibility of these off-shore ministries here in Canada
  • We provide administrative and government related support
  • We also assist in receipting Canadian tax deductible donations on behalf of these ministries

MEA’s board approved policy is that all gifts designated for a specific project be applied to the project. When gifts exceed a need or if the project for which the gift is designated becomes inactive or un-assignable for ay reason, then those gifts or any overage shall be used to meet other similar needs as approved by the MEA board. Assigned and general gifts are expended at the discretion of MEA. Gifts will not be accepted for purposes that are not within MEA’s objectives. Gifts are acknowledged and where applicable, receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes at month end.  Ten percent (10%)  or a tithe shall be deducted within any given month to cover service expenses.