Ministry Goal / Mission Statement

To reach the souls of millions in India with the Message of Jesus’ Salvation and the Holy Gospel, showing them the love of God by providing practical humanitarian care and support.

Primary Field Workers

Pastor D. Yobu, Grant Livingstone

History of Ministry

Christ Gospel Prayer Fellowship is a registered organization, founded by Pastor. D.Yobu on 10 Oct 1971.  The Lord visited his servant on 4th. Sept 1969, when he was serving in the central Government Communication department.  He served in the Government for 7 yrs. 2 months, and committed his life for full time ministry, giving away all his property in public auction.  He was thrown-out from his house and the Lord honored his faith and enabled him to establish a mission according to His vision.

He bought a three wheeler cycle rickshaw, stitched a tent (36 x 18 feet) and started witnessing in the villages, towns and cities. The Lord honored his faith and started doing wonders and miracles. Many healings too place. Many came to the saving knowledge of Christ. Now the need to open worship centres arose.  As such, the Bethany bible Institute started at Chebrole, with a vision to prepare ministers.

When Pastor Yobu visited Jerusalem to attend a prayer conference conducted by Sister Ruth Heflins, he met and fellowshipped with Brother Grant Livingstone and Sister Barbara.  In 1986, Sister Ruth Heflins prophesied in a most wonderful way about Pastor Yobu and the ministry he was leading during the IMPETUS, 1986 conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In these 38 years of ministry, many thousands came to the Lord. Presently there are 270 worship centres in 15 districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, mostly in tribal and rural areas.

Ongoing Projects

Bethany Bible Institute

Every year 30 to 35 students (both boys and girls) are trained in a practical way on Evangelism and Discipleship. After successful training they are married and sent to unreached Tribal and Rural areas for ministry.

Tribal Ministry

The Lord burdened us to go to the slums and jungles to reach the Tribals as they are mostly unreached. We have to face many challenges. Reaching the Tribals is not an easy thing. They practice witchcraft and other such dangerous idol worship. We find many people possessed with demons and many with incurable diseases.  God in His grace enables us to plant 40 tribal worship centres. We also started a Tribal Children Home at Yellandu with a school to build them up in all aspects of their lives. A Prayer Hall in these parts costs around USD $550.

Prayer Conferences

We conduct Prayer conferences both nationwide and statewide. Many of our Canadian Brothers come to these conferences to share the word

Clinics, Homes, Schools, Widow homes, Orphanages
  • Three schools at Chebrole.
  • Angel school for handicapped tribal children in Palvoncha. There are presently 52 children in the school
  • Tribal Home at Manchukonda, Khammam District
  • Orphanage in the Prabhunagar, Guntur District
  • Orphanage in the Palakonda Srikakulam District
  • Senior citizen home at Kurnool, Rayalaseema
  • HIV/Aids clinic at Chebrole
  • Medical centre at Chebrole and mobile medical team to reach the rural area pregnant ladies and children
  • Literature printing Off-set machine to train students and to produce literature.  Pastor Yobu translated 63 books and authored 23 books. Printing is a source of finance to support the ministry besides MEA
  • Tailoring centre to train women
  • Carpentry centre to train students
  • Training local people to make socks for boots on the Boot socks machine
  • Dairy Farm sponsored by Reverend Westard, CFA from Canada. This is also a self-supporting project
  • TV Programme – Now is the Time

MEA Worldwide aka The Maranatha Evangelical Association played a major role in building this ministry in a tremendous way.  Dr. John Lucas directed the Canadian Brothers to speak in our Holy Convocations, Prayer Conferences and such other meetings.   They are all eyewitnesses of this ministry.

Kindly pray and do support this ministry in the closing days of this last dispensation to reach many unreached millions.