Ministry Goals / Mission Statement

23_1Foundation for His Ministry (FFHM) is a mission whose purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end we share and demonstrate God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit by meeting basic spiritual, physical and educational needs of those in Mexico and beyond. This will be done in such a way as to establish the Mission as a model of effective ministry for other parts of the world.

Primary Field Workers

Chuck & Charla, Mario Cordoba, Abacub Barsuto, Janelle Keller, Edgar Rivera, Peter Bianchini; and all those involved in the daily ministering and operational duties needed to keep all the orphanages running smoothly and in harmony.

History of Ministry

God had a plan for the lives of Chuck and Charla Pereau, a fireman and housewife in North Hollywood, California. The couple had already learned there were many abandoned sick and needy children on the Baja Peninsula. However, it wasn’t until 1966, when they took an unforgettable journey 178 miles south of the U.S./Mexico border, that they received a call and a vision. This would change not only their lives, but the lives of countless others.

The vision came in the sound of children’s laughter, at a place where there were no children…only old and crumbling adobe buildings. A verse from the Bible was whispered in Charla’s ear, “Lo the fields are white unto harvest…”  As she looked, the sparse wild grasses around her were transformed into a waving field of grain. They were then further assured that God had brought them to this desert place.

Chuck and Charla prayed and shared the vision with others. God rewarded their faithfulness. They were soon able to purchase the old buildings on the 72 acres, where they began “Hogar Para Ninos,” an orphanage. Needy children came and were fed, clothed, nurtured, and loved.

By 1980, hundreds of indigenous people were brought to the fields in Baja from the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. They came to work in the tomato fields, the newly developing agriculture industry. At the same time, Christian workers and missionaries arrived at the orphanage from the U.S./Canada. They helped to care for the children at the orphanage and also distributed food and clothing to the destitute in the labor camps, sharing the Gospel with many.

The Pereaus and their growing number of prayer partners continued to work and to pray. The vision has now grown to include orchards and gardens, a modern Medical Center, Bible School, Soup Kitchen, Print/Upholstery Shops, Drug Rehab, Christian School, literacy classes, Gospel outreach through child and adult evangelism, and a ministry to the disabled.

In l998 and 1999, the vision expanded to include two new Mission facilities in Mexico. These missions are located in the cities of Morelia, Michoacan, and Tlacolula, Oaxaca. Now, many more orphaned and needy children in Mexico receive the same care as those in the Baja Peninsula.

Interned and staff children are given the opportunity to go on to higher education while living in our students home near the University of Tijauna. Young adults in Oaxaca and Michoacan are also given the opportunity for higher education while living and working part time at the mission. Some have gone on to Bible School or to professional careers. Others have returned to the orphanage to help raise the next generation. And still others have traveled south to bring the Gospel to the mountains of Oaxaca and beyond.

Ongoing Projects


Sponsor a Child

For $250 a month you can fully sponsor a child. For $125, $60, or $30 a month you can partially sponsor a child.

Sponsor a Bible Institute Student

Sponsor a Bible Institute student for $25 a month. The Bible Institute has been established to provide a two-year training and discipleship course for Mexican nationals called to the ministry.

Milk & Peanut Butter

Every week during child evangelism we go into the surrounding work camps in Vicente Guerrero and give each child a glass of milk and a scoop of peanut butter. They do not get the nutrition that they need and giving them the protein and calcium helps with their growth. $10 provides 100 cups of milk or 50 scoops of peanut butter.

Oaxaca Quilting Outreach

We reach out to indigenous women in the surrounding mountains in Oaxaca telling them stories from the Bible. The women then take the story that they heard and make a personal picture on a quilt square. They make those quilt squares into Bible Story Quilts. The women either keep the quilts themselves or they give them away. $10 will purchase quilt batting and backing fabric.

Night in Bethlehem

Every year at Christmas time Night in Bethlehem, a play about Jesus’ birth, is performed for the community. Over 3,000 will attend. There are live animals, costumed staff and children, and sweet bread and hot chocolate are given to those who attend. Cost of this evangelistic outreach is $2,000; funding is needed.

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated in Mexico every spring to honor the little ones. We bring around 1500 children from the work camps to participate in the festivities. There are clowns who perform, a variety of games played, and a delicious lunch is provided for all the children. For most of these children it is the first time they’ve ever played on grass. The cost of this celebration is $1500 and funding is always needed.

Morelia Dining Room & Visitor Centre

The mission is adding an addition to provide a new dining room and visitor center. This will also allow the mission to convert the existing visitor center into a dorm for adolescent boys.

Morelia Bible Institute Addition

We are adding an extension to our current Bible Institute building to have sufficient housing so that we can house more students next year. Currently we hold 39 students.


Day Care, Disabled Day Care and Primary School

Funding is needed to provide salary allotment to attract more permanent teachers to this rural area. Many new teachers come here for some experience and leave when they find a better paying job elsewhere. This is disruptive in the care and education of the children.

Educational Field Trips

$800 USD a month covers all 85 orphans and will broaden their educational experience, outside socialization and provide some instructive memories for their lifetime.

Rancho de Cristo

Rancho de Cristo is a sub-ministry of FFHM located off the Mission grounds. It is a Rehab centre for men which houses can house a maximum of 15 residents. In the dry Baja Peninsula, there is no water available for the Rehab Centre. They currently get their water supply delivered weekly from the well in the orphanage. A well is desperately needed for this ministry and funding is needed for well permits, the dig, water processing equipment etc.

Future Projects

Special Needs Day Care

FFHM has a vision to build a building specifically for handicapped children. The deaf and dumb can be taught to communicate by writing and sign language. The physically challenged can be taught trades to earn them a living when they get older to help support their family. Right now, they are being taught in two rooms located on the Clinic’s premises. Because of the limit on space, funding and teachers, the Mission is not able to take in and teach any more needy handicapped children. They have 12 children now and there are so much more neglected handicapped children in the area.

Theatre / Multi-function Centre

There is an abandoned theatre from the original building plan which is currently used as a sub-warehouse. Charla’s vision is to see it transformed into a multi-function centre as well as an Arts & Cultural Centre for the children and community. This will function like a community centre and be opened for the public’s participation in its programs. It will be another method of Outreaching as well.

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