Providing Skills, Guidance and Connections to facilitate the growth of dynamic global ministries which proclaim Christ and make disciples .  Mt 28:19, 20

 MDN serves God by providing skills, guidance and connections in partnership with biblical church fellowships and other non-profits, here and abroad, to proclaim Christ and make disciples in a wide variety of ministries and venues.  Matt 28:19, 20



  •  Proclaim Christ
  • Make Disciples
  • Equip & Edify the Body of Christ



  •  Provide an organizational home and supportive assistance to ministries & leaders domestically & overseas so they can establish effective evangelism & discipleship programs within their churches & communities.
  • Provide guidance, insight in accountability & compliance by applying Biblical principles of stewardship.
  • Provide training & ministry helps for church planting situations in strategic
  • Connect churches, individuals & organizations for fruitful partnerships.


Latvian Biblical Centre (former Riga International Bible Institute, RIBI) was founded on February 6, 1992 as a ministry of the Christian Mission Atmoda (“Awakening”). The Institute’s founder and first director was Pastor Gennady Zavalij.

From 1996 the Director of RIBI was the pastor of Bethany Russian Baptist Church, Vladimir Andrijec. Under his leadership the Institute began training the first group of Latvian-speaking students. The experiment proved very successful and from then until now there have been two language groups studying side by side – Russian and Latvian. On the initiative of Pastor Andrijec two branches were opened in Tukums and Cesis.

In 2004 Vladimir Andrijec was succeeded by William P. Martin, who had previously been responsible for RIBI academic part. William and Cindy Martin are missionaries who have served in Latvia for more than 10 years.

In 2008 RIBI acquired as its new Director Dr Vitali Petrenko; he had completed his doctoral studies at Durham University in the UK and returned to Latvia in 2006 together with his wife Dr Ester Petrenko, who now occupies the post of Academic Dean.

LBC continues to develop and expand. We are looking for the best employees, talented teachers, understanding partners and inquisitive students. Join us and write history together with us!