A Mission TeamWe wanted to send a little update and a note to glorify God in the work done this past school year.  We have finished another successful school year at the Learning Centre and the ABC Club in UnitedVille, Belize. Thank you to all who contributed to the financial support for running expenses, feeding programs, school supplies and the many outreaches we are able to do. With out your continued support and prayer we would not have been able to run the programs as well or continue on here ourselves.  Thank you.
The 4th graduation for the ABC CLub was held on Friday, June 6th.  The teachers did an awesome job of preparing the children not only for the graduation program but for the coming school year. They diligently taught and encouraged the children in social skills, early spiritual training and academics. Parents, including two teachers, were pleased at how much the children learned and compared our program favorably with other pre schools. Our reputation has gone to other villages and parents want to send their children ( we are not taking any outside the village). Thank you teachers for a job well done.
The after school programs, homework helps, have challenged us as we do not always have enough people to help . We have made hundreds of booklets for subjects ranging from basic topics( simple tools,good/bad foods, food chains,weather charts, human body parts, ect ) to Spanish calendars. The older students have helped us considerably this past year but practicing reading and doing extra math has not been possible. The donation of extra projectors has made our computer room the center of many busy nights doing several students research at once projected on the wall.  Praise God!!!
Students at the local school have watched for us as we have weekly been able to take a good snack for them every Wednesday.  We have taken hundreds of gallons of fresh milk, bananas, sandwiches, pancakes , hot dogs and such for their mid morning break. This has been a blessing and given us a time to interact with the teachers who we have come to respect and care for.  Thank you to those who have contributed to this outreach.
In His Will has been able to help pay tuition for some high school students and we have graduations to attend this coming month.  This is a very exciting part of our programs as they have attended a Christian high school for 3-4 years giving them such a grounded start on life. We , also, have one boy in his second year of university.  Leroy has done the YWAM DTS ( sponsored by IN His Will) , lives on site to help with yard work, and is now studying agriculture.  Possible through donations to In His Will Learning Centre.
I realize this has been a long news letter but there is so much to give God glory for.  He is our source, our supplier and our strength.  With the update I would also like to let you know that our fall is shaping up a bit different.  Carmen and Faye are in Canada for 130 days so we will need to close the Learning Centre for 3 months. The ABC CLub will be run by  one of our local girls who has been with us for several years, has her university education in education and worked in the ABC CLub for 4 years.
Blessings to all who have supported the children of United Ville , and area, through us this past year. May you be blessed in your giving as we have been in our being able to be here.
Faye and Carmen McBride