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Sheri TorgrimsonGreetings from Poland! My name is Sheri Torgrimson (Pawlikowska) and beside me in the photo is my (Polish) husband, Slawomir Pawlikowski. I’ve been in Poland since 1999, we’ve been married since 2009. I have been involved in various ministries since being here, most of which have something to do with worship and discipleship. At the present time I co-lead a ministry to a children’s home north of Warsaw. I also teach English to supplement support and also as a way to meet and reach people.

The children’s home ministry has grown substantially since we started in 2007. We started with a small group of volunteers and have about 30 regulars now. For over seven years we have been building relationships with the children and the staff, which are starting to bear fruit. It is our hope to see those relationships end with a relationship with Christ – that the kids (and staff) would come to know him. Over the past year we’ve had some changes in our ministry. More people are stepping up with initiatives. Thanks to this, we have found prayer partners for all the children to pray regularly for them; this we believe is starting to change the atmosphere there. Also we have a large landscaping project going out there (all donations, financial and materials, are greatly appreciated!) The kids have had a great say in what that project will look like and they have dreamed big! (This is something big for a group of kids who have very few dreams.) We are starting a foundation (Dare to Dream) that will help the home in practical ways as well as helping kids who are leaving to make the transition into adult life. (Sponsors needed here also to help kids get an education or practical experience.) We’ve been able to give away a number of Bibles and share testimonies with the kids.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we try and reach out to those around us. Please pray for Christ to be seen in us, for Him to work in and through us. Pray for the children at the home (48 at the moment, most of them from abusive or alcoholic families), that they would receive the love of Christ. Pray for us in our daily lives, with all the responsibilities we have (things often take a lot longer here than they do at home!). Pray that God would supply supporters for us and for the various needs of the Children’s Home and Dare to Dream Foundation. Pray that the kids would begin to dream!

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 S&S Polish Links Summer 2015

Hello and welcome to summer! May you not be having either floods or drought. It’s very dry here and temperatures are supposed to soar this week. (Which means the prices of fruit and veg will too.) Summer means school is out and so we have a break from our trips to the children’s home and a chance to slow down and reflect over the year.. Read More

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