Ministry Goals / Mission Statement

To give children a safe place to be while their mothers are gone to work and to bring the word of God into their lives.

  • Rescue the children from unnecessary confinement so parents can seek employment and work.
  • To educate in a safe and comfortable surroundings with fun activities
  • To teach social, motor skills and discipline, personal hygiene
  • Outreach to children and mothers about the word of God

Primary Field Workers

Wayne and Claire Wagner, Merabi & Guillermo

History of Ministry

In 2000, Claire finished Bible School in Peace River Bible Institute. That was the year that Claire received her calling to mission work and both Wayne and Claire decided to serve God. They went to a Missionfest in Edmonton and met a wonderful woman by the name of Charla Pereau. They filled out an application to serve long term at her orphanage FFHM , and in 2002, they were serving in the Baja orphanage location of Foundation For His Ministry.

They served at the mission in a variety of positions. They were house parents for as many as 10-12 children from the age of 2-16.  After they were house parents for 18months, Claire was placed in the position of nursery supervisor where she served for the next 2.5 years.   In October 2008, Claire was moved to the position of Day Care supervisor. After his service as house parent, Wayne was placed as the facility supervisor where he worked in maintenance and construction.

May 2009 saw the Wagners beginning a new journey of serving our God in another needy area of Mexico – Maneadero, Baja. This location is just two miles south of Ensenada.  God has called them to start a much needed Day Care ministry in that area.  By faith and trusting in the Lord, they will begin this ministry by the end of May.  By faith we know that God will provide all their many needs

Ongoing Projects

Starting and Running the Jehovah Jireh Day Care Centre in Maneadero, Baja, Mexico

Description of Project/Item Cost
Home Rental 600 / mth
Day Care tables, chairs, toys, education material etc 2,000 / one time
4 Property Lots for Day Care and Housing(30’x60’ = 10m x 20m) 7,000 / lot
28,000 / one time
Water, Pump, Tank, Pipes Installation 2,000 / one time
Septic Tank and System 800 / one time
Construction of Building: concrete floor, blocks, roofing materials, cement mixer, finishings, electricity and labour 16,000/ one time
Living Expenses for Staff $300 / mth per staff person
Sponsor a Child $40 / mth