Ministry Goals / Mission Statement

Touching the Lost, Whatever the Cost

Primary Field Workers

Ron and Shirley Devore

History of Ministry

The work of World Outreach Ministries Foundation, a non profit organization, was founded in 1993 by Ron and Shirley DeVore. Ron and Shirley had already served in Uganda since 1987, but they found the need to expand beyond the efforts of the one church to incorporate WOMF and return to their rewarding work in Uganda, Africa.

The work in Uganda had begun in 1987 as the result of Ron and Shirley’s USA based church sending them to work together with Steve Mayanja. Steve had been attending Bible School training in Seattle, Washington. During his summer break he returned home to Uganda with the express purpose to start the first born-again type church in his village.

The summer production succeeded beyond his dreams and opened the door for Ron and Shirley to claim Uganda as the place God was sending them on a permanent basis.

Ron had experienced a dream or vision when he was 10 years old wherein he was taken from earth to heaven and stood before what he knew to be God. He heard God say to him, “I am sending you back to earth; when you are older you will meet a girl who will travel with you to many places in the world and preach my Gospel to many people.” It was about one year later, when at the age of eleven, he met Shirley Pike. By the time they were fifteen the two of them knew they were destined for each other. Ron and Shirley were married October 23, 1954. In the years to follow they had six children. That vision propelled him for many years until he met Steve Mayanja, who supernaturally had seen Ron in a vision. Steve was told by a heavenly messenger he would find a man in the USA whom God had ordained to come to Africa and lead him in the process of planting the first church in his village and in many others. When he found Ron he knew immediately Ron was the man of the vision. The rest is now history.

Today our group has planted more than eighty churches in Uganda, three churches in Sudan, four in Kenya, three in the Congo, and on in Rwanda. We have six primary Christian Schools, one High School, and two Bible Schools. We have a full fledged prison ministry with two teams working in those prisons daily, supplying food and medical attention while preaching the gospel and bringing many to Jesus. Feed His Lambs is an orphan rescue program with over 490 orphans than are being fed, clothed and are attending school and scores more who have grown up and joined the ranks of the successful. We now operate medical outreaches into the villages utilizing our own medically trained personnel. We reach the HIV victims of the villages and they now receive the life sustaining drugs that before only the wealthy could afford, extending their lives up to twenty years. Each month we operate a crusade in Africa, deliberately focusing on unreached villages, often a new church is planted as a result of all the new converts who need a pastor and church home.

World Outreach Ministries Foundation has many projects under construction, just finished is a whole village of then new homes for orphans including a new home for a missionary to live there and lead the children to a new tomorrow filled with hope. A second orphan village is under construction, and a new twenty-four bed hospital has just been built and opened in Sudan. A home for new born and abandoned babies designed for 48 precious jewels is also under construction and plans are made to build a home for suffering and abused women, which is called Hannah’s House. A new home is nearing construction on twenty acres of land in a rural setting, in which to rescue and love the traumatized children who are abandoned or left homeless by the death of their parents. Many of these children live their lives on the streets f the cities.

The future is secure in that the team is now grown to about a total of twenty-seven missionaries and many scores of African men and women who love God. The vision of these leaders has solidified and new remote and untouched outposts are now targeted. In the past three years we have been reaching the unreached of the Philippine Islands as well as pushing in to the remote mountain areas of Bangladesh to eleven unreached tribes of Mongolians, many have been born again!

Ongoing Projects

Feed His Lambs

Feed His Lambs (FHL) is an orphan program in the African nation of Uganda whose purpose is to care for the complete child via education, health care, food and relationship within their home communities.

The AIDS/HIV epidemic has left an approximate 1.5 million orphans in the nation of Uganda. Feed His Lambs (FHL) is reaching these precious children. FHL sponsors and the children in the program are partners in success. Our ultimate goal is to raise up each of these orphaned young people to be a positive influence in their local communities and all of Uganda. We build for this success on the basic foundation blocks of the FHL program.